09 November 2009


Tik Tik Tik seminggu sudah pun berlalu.. latihan kali ini hanya ala kadar sahaja.. tetapi keras... hehe macam mana agak-agak tue... dengan latihan fatlek yang aku amalkan.. target aku untuk menambah pace aku ke tahap lebih baik.. STRENGTH ADALAH SASARAN AKU KALI INI.. NB12km laluan agak rata... so aku boleh menguji lari sejauh mana latihan FATLEK yang aku buat selama seminggu... ADAKAH BERKESAN..??? (YA/TIDAK) Tunggu keputusan NB12km2009 KLANG..
....Pertama latihan fartlek, yakni latihan untuk meningkatkan daya tahan (endurance) dan daya tahan kekuatan (strength endurance). Lalu latihan interval, yakni latihan selang istirahat (lari cepat diselingi dengan joging atau jalan cepat).......

The Definition of Fartlek (VERSI MAT SALLEH)
Derived from the Swedish term that means ‘Speed Play’, fartlek can provide an excellent endurance and strength session, as well as help improve your speed and race awareness. Fart=speed and lek=play

The use of 'fartlek' came about to provide a less structured approach to that of interval training. Its origins and use were developed in the 1930's. Whereas, in interval training the structure prescribes a given distance run in a given time with a given rest, fartlek's approach is to have you run at a given time, 2 minutes for example over undulating terrain or flat wherever your run may take you. The effort prescribed can be at 10k race pace to whatever speed you wish to make your effort. The rest in-between is normally at an easy pace to allow recovery before the next effort.

The intensity, duration and terrain is determined by the runner. Fartlek can be used on all terrains, even on a track surface.

The session is known to stress both the aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways. Fartlek has grown into a popular method of training used by runners to provide an enjoyable and constructive alternative to simply pounding the streets with no purpose and plan.
Fartlek - speed play, is essentially a training session that comprises some speed [effort] change and at the same time as enjoying the session. It is similar but unlike interval training. Interval training is more disciplined and precise in it's training goal. Fartlek is not as demanding and can be incorporated to suit one's needs. http://www.time-to-run.com/
Bersama-sama kita berkongsi idea..!!!

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