26 January 2009

C2 MAX - POWERBAR sTeP 1, 2, 3

Fuel Up With Sustained Energy. In order to perform its best, your body needs energy. To help provide that energy, POWERBAR® Performance bar is improved by using cutting edge sports nutrition science to provide a specific 2:1 carb blend that delivers more sustained energy to muscles. That improved energy delivery is called C2 MAX and it equals optimized nutrition that fuels performance at a whole new level.

Quick Energy to Refuel. Serious athletes know they need to keep fueling to maintain their edge. Carbohydrates and electrolytes lost through sweat need to be replaced to maintain peak performance.POWERBAR@GEL and POWERBAR@ENDURANCE SPORT DRINK have always provided what athletes need when they are on the go. Now, with the added power of C2MAX, POWERBAR® takes in sport fueling to a whole new level with a 20%-55% boost in sustained energy delivery to muscles which translates into a whole new level of performance like nothing you've experienced.

In addition to energizing and refueling your body, it is also crucial to rebuild after intense endurance exercise. To help with rebuilding, POWERBAR® offers athletes the RECOVERY SPORT DRINK. Carbohydrates speed glycogen restoration and protein supports muscle protein repair immediately after endurance activity. This gives you the ability to recover properly and quickly so you are ready to meet your next challenge.

Using this advanced sports nutrition science, POWERBAR® Performance Bar (Step 1: to energize) and POWERBAR® Gel and POWERBAR® Endurance sport drink (Step 2 : to refuel) now feature the power of the new POWERBAR® C2 MAX optimized carbohydrate blend - taking performance to a whole new level. Science proves it. POWERBAR® with C2 MAX has it!
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